Will this furniture look good in my space?

The winning equation: Space + Preferences = Product Selection


When looking for furniture, you are usually either furnishing a new place or refurbishing a current one.

In both cases the space you are furnishing is limited by two things:

  • The room dimensions
  • The other furniture you plan to keep or move into that space.

These two factors are non-variable and are a mandatory first step to narrow down the selection. 


This second part is subjective and is related to your living habits or taste: 

  • How many people live in that residence? 
  • Do you entertain? 
  • Is it your main or a secondary residence? 
  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you have kids? If so, how old are they?
  • Do you work from your sofa?
  • How often will you be using that space? 
  • Do you like to lay down on your couch, sit in an upright position, or both? 
  • Do you have artworks in the room or decoration items you particularly like? If so what type? 
  • Do you like something vibrant or more neutral as far as color? 

The questions to understand your preferences or habits can be numerous and can weigh differently from one person to another in the final product selection.

The understanding of both the rational features of your space and your personal preferences are a key factor to determine the best product choice for you, but Is it sufficient? Not always. Some people still have a hard time to visualize or appreciate all these factors together and need to be reinsured:

  • 3D visualizations are mind-blowing. The accuracy of these digital images, due to today’s technologies, can often match professional pictures. They help to inspire or even completely simulate your space with the sofa of your dreams into the room. This avoids a surprise when the sofa is delivered as you already know exactly what you are getting. 
Atoll Sofa from B&B Italia staged into a computer generated image

  • Interior design professionals can assist you, together or without 3D visualization, and offer technical knowledge added to their experience in the product selection process.



After confirming the desired use of the space and with the help of visualization tools, you can be sure that the furniture fits and looks great in your space.
No more surprise when the desired furniture arrives home, you already know what to expect.



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