Azucena Dining Table

$6,980 $9,970
Cavalletto is a table designed by Caccia Dominioni in 1941 for his marital home. Its
frame is simplicity to a T, a drawing on a sheet of paper that has magically
materialized into a full-sized table. The architect drew inspiration from the easels
(cavalletti) he worked on at Milan’s technical university, the Politecnico. This single
object epitomizes all the key elements of Luigi Caccia Dominioni’s design:
sophisticated curves, clean straight lines, a creation that meets its specifications, is
easy to use, simple not mundane and portrays the beauty of minimalism. Thanks to
being balanced and proportioned, Cavalletto will never show its age and proudly
continues to enjoy contemporary classic status that will last long into the future.
  • Designer: Caccia Dominioni
  • Finish: Glossy Anthracite Grey, Bronzed frame
  • Manufactured in Italy

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