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How can I trust that seller? - One Off Edition

How can I trust that seller?

Most pre-owned, high-end furniture wind up staying at their original owner’s place or worse, trashed for failing to find an efficient way to sell them. It is the first source of pollution in US landfills according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.


Online marketplaces, even those specialized in furniture, often look like a flea market. There are many different types of products roughly organized by categories such as price, subjective “style” definition, and sometimes by brand. 

It makes it a hard choice for buyers if they do not know exactly what they are looking for. Ultimately it can be discouraging to buy through these traditional marketplaces as they often fail to answer the first essential question: How can I trust that seller?


Transparency is everything.

Most high-end furniture is made to order; clients select a design and then choose their sizes, upholstery material, and colors to fit their needs and style. This means that the same sofa collection can have totally different prices based on these choices. Unfortunately these prices / options are rarely available online.

How then can a buyer confirm that:

  • Is the sofa authentic? 
  • The resale price for this used sofa is fair?
  • The condition is matching the description? 


Controlling/Filtering each product submission, through the original purchasing invoice.

Besides confirming authenticity, the invoice specifies at minimum the (authorized) dealer, brand, collection, dimensions, finishes, date of contract/production, and the price paid by the previous owner. It also validates if the piece is first-hand, second-hand, third-hand, etc.

Professional Evaluation.

Based on the product’s characteristics such as material(s), function(s), and history, as well as its current condition and the overall popularity of the collection, it is possible to determine a re-selling price for the sofa.

Popular collections tend to sell quickly and should be sold with minimal discounts, due to high demand, whereas niche products/styles will take longer to attract buyers and thus could justify higher discounts to sell.

Some product feature might increase the price point for the sofa

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Guaranty Satisfaction.

Purchasing something new comes with the insurance that if a product has a malfunction or any defects, it will be replaced or can be returned. When purchasing a used piece, it might have some wear or tear that can be hard to describe or worst missed even with the most detailed images or text descriptions, creating disappointment when the piece is delivered.

Return policies play a central role in purchasing with the piece of mind that the inspection at delivery should match the condition of the product sold.


Between local and international brands, there are thousands of furniture references on the market, how can you make sure the one you look at is an original one?

The original invoice can certify the sofa is authentic and was paid based on the brand or manufacturer’s suggested “retail price”. This information helps build trust with a potential buyer.

Once the piece has been certified, we can now appreciate its real monetary value.


One Off Edition's curators and interior designers work exclusively with international furniture brands and does an individual screening of each of its applicants.

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