Exceptional furniture can change your life.

After a decade of work with one of the most famous furniture brands in the world, I am now convinced that luxury furniture is the future of our living spaces: the know-how of high-end manufacturers and their world-famous designers provide timeless designs, reliability and unique features that are unmatched in the mainstream market.

Some of these products even marked history, and you might be surprised to learn that, like high-end watches or bags, furniture icons increase in value over time.

Still, making the decision to purchase high-end furniture is usually stopped by hefty prices and major delivery times that can go up 6 months for custom production.

One Off Edition has the ambition to go beyond these issues, providing high-end furniture from the most reputable European and American brands, at discounted prices and available now. Don’t worry, we don’t do magic! We simply give a second life to first-hand products coming from the brand or their retail partners’ inventory: mainly floor samples, client returns, overstock items.