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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is ONE OFF’S return policy? See details Hide details

    You will be given the opportunity to carefully inspect your item(s) at the time of delivery and installation to your home. It is your responsibility to inspect your pieces prior to accepting them to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. All sales are final once items have been accepted and delivery has been completed.

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  • What's ONE OFF’s cancellation policy? See details Hide details

    Cancellation policy depends on the type of service bought from ONE OFF.
    In case of re-conditioning and/or re-upholstering service of your own furniture, cancellation is allowed till 2 days before the scheduled pick up of your furniture piece.
    In case of the purchase of an in-stock item re-upholstered with your fabric selection, cancellation is possible for 48h following the order confirmation.

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  • Can I see an item in-person before purchasing? See details Hide details

    At that time, we do not have a physical showroom, and cannot
    allow in-person viewing, as each item is wrapped and stored in our warehouse in preparation for upholstering and/or delivery.

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  • Are you insured? See details Hide details

    Yes, we can provide a COI (Certificate of Insurance) as
    needed by your building’s management.

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  • Do I need to be present during my delivery? See details Hide details

    Yes — If you are not able to be present for your appointment, please provide us with the full name of someone authorized to manage your appointment on your behalf. We cannot complete a delivery without supervision.
    Our team will contact you prior to your appointment with your scheduled time window. If you are not present for your appointment, our team will wait no longer than 15 minutes.

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  • Should I tip my delivery team? See details Hide details

    You are under no obligation to tip, but are welcome to provide a tip if you feel you have received great service. ONE OFF team are not permitted to solicit tips under any circumstances.

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  • What are your hours of operation? See details Hide details

    Our customer service team is available 6 days a week, 9 AM -
    5 PM EST Monday through Saturday. You can contact us via email at

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  • How do you know an item's original price? See details Hide details

    “Original Price” is what the seller paid for the item originally. Thanks to our teams’ industry knowledge, we do our best to verify original prices and brand names to avoid misrepresentations, but we still rely on sellers for this information. Should you see any errors in our catalog, please send the item’s SKU and your verification source to and we’ll get it corrected right away.

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  • Are you certified authenticators? See details Hide details

    Thanks to our teams’ industry knowledge, we do our best to accurately depict every item we receive, but we are not certified authenticators. We also rely on our sellers for item information, asking them for the original purchase order from the manufacturer, when available. We also look for manufacturer labels stitched, printed, or engraved on the furniture structure for example. While our team makes its best efforts to identify any issues or mistakes, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

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  • Can you store my item? See details Hide details

    After the re-upholstery work is completed, we can hold your item(s) for up to 15 days at no fee.
    Passed this time frame, we will have to charge storage fees based on the length of hold requested or imposed (if we are unable to reach you to schedule delivery).
    The amount of storage fees varies depending on the item location and type. Please contact our team for further information.

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  • How soon can you deliver? See details Hide details

    As of now, we operate in the TRI- STATE area only. Once the
    item has been re-conditioned and re-upholstered and went through our quality control process, we can typically deliver in as fast as 5 business days.

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