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Olivier Sectional Sofa

Designer:Emanuela Garbin & Mario Dell’Orto


Price: $9,715.00

Original Price: $14,950.00

Choose your ideal fabric below to reupholster this designer piece, making it uniquely yours. At, we not only celebrate individual style but also embrace eco-conscious practices. Transform iconic design into your personalized, sustainable luxury.

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    A modular sofa with exclusive, elegant lines, suitable for contemporary, extremely stylish ambiences.
    This is a sofa in the most traditional meaning of the word, designed to satisfy the changes in the universe of contemporary living, where the boundaries between the sleeping and living quarters are blurred.

    The sofa is large and spacious, extremely comfortable, with wonderful arrangement versatility.
    The steel tubular frame has a matt burnished finish. Woven elastic belt support, coated in jersey fabric.
    The covers of the seating and backrest are removable and available in fabric or leather.
    Large back support cushions with covers that can be supplied in the fabrics of the Flou collection or alternately in the characteristic format in woven leather, and a range of different-sized cushions add an extra decorative touch to these beautiful sofas.

    In 1936, Ligne Roset made a significant shift to upholstered furniture. Today, a team of 50 innovative European designers collaborates with Roset, including names like Pierre Paulin (Pumpkin), the Bouroullec brothers (Ploum sofa), Inga Sempe (Ruche, Moel), and more, shaping a diverse range of furniture, lighting, accessories, and textiles.

    A prime example is the '73 Togo line by Michel Ducaroy—a design icon boasting ergonomic excellence, five foam densities, delivering a perfect fusion of style and comfort.

    Beyond mere furniture, Ligne Roset offers a lifestyle, a touch of French chic that beckons you to explore history, innovation, and timeless design. Welcome to Ligne Roset—where living becomes an art form, all crafted with passion in France.

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Fabric: Cloud Boucle, 100% recycled polyester, Martindale 40,000, Washable 30°C (86°F), Made in Italy. PLEASE SCROLL FOR ALL OPTIONS.

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