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Redondo Sofa

Designer: Patricia Urquiola

Brand: Moroso

Price: $5,249.00

Original Price: $8,075.00

Choose your ideal fabric below to reupholster this designer piece, making it uniquely yours. At, we not only celebrate individual style but also embrace eco-conscious practices. Transform iconic design into your personalized, sustainable luxury.
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    The REDONDO sofa collection embodies a distinctive two-part design: a gracefully contoured shell enveloping expansive seat cushions. Its curves, devoid of sharp angles, harmonize seamlessly with the fabric's softness. Inspired by the evocative essence of 1950s and 60s American cars, reflecting their upholstered interiors and comfortably contoured bodywork, REDONDO evokes the cozy comfort of long cross-country drives. This thoughtfully crafted design sets the stage for everyday life scenes, offering observers an aesthetic experience with its captivating form.

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    Established in 1952 by Agostino Moroso and Diana Moroso, Moroso began with a vision to craft sofas, armchairs, and furnishing accessories. Over nearly seven decades, Moroso has evolved into a leading upholstered-furniture manufacturer globally, standing among the haute couture of international design.

    Collaborating with renowned designers like Ron Arad, Patricia Urquiola, Ross Lovegrove, Konstantin Grcic, and others, Moroso has curated a collection of iconic designs reflecting diverse cultures. Notable partnerships include installations at MoMA in New York, Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Venice Biennale, and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

    Moroso's story is one of adopting a unique market approach, driven by genuine passion for beauty, design, and art. The company emphasizes dedication to production methods, artisanal care, and honest relationships with suppliers and customers. Each product is a unique blend of materials, craftsmanship, and artistic interpretation.

    Moroso, with its rich heritage and commitment to excellence, continues to shape the future of international design with a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and ethical values, made in Italy.

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    Patricia Urquiola, an internationally acclaimed architect and designer from Oviedo, Spain, has left an indelible mark on the design world. As the Creative Director of Cassina since 2015, she collaborates with distinguished Italian and international design companies, bringing a unique empathic approach to her creations. Urquiola's designs establish profound connections with users, exploring the future of mobility, workplaces, and production cycles.

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Fabric: Cloud Boucle, 100% recycled polyester, Martindale 40,000, Washable 30°C (86°F), Made in Italy. PLEASE SCROLL FOR ALL OPTIONS.

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